Oh Hail, No!

Movies are made to inspire people. They’re made to inspire you to love better, to laugh harder, and to fight for your dreams. The first time I watched, The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford. I was inspired by his fight to prove his innocence and his will to evade authority, even if it meant his demise.

In The Notebook (yes, I said The Notebook), Noah and Allie’s unrequited love for each other remained, even though they faced multiple tests throughout the years. The film inspired viewers that love can withstand any turbulence, even if it doesn’t seem realistic. (Plus, it was fucking beautiful).

Judd Apatow’s 40 Year Old Virgin made you laugh and root for the character, Andy (the “anti-hero”). We wanted to see Andy get laid and praise be to God, he does! Apatow, did a great job assembling a band of misfits around Andy to encourage him to do something that he waited so long to do, and Andy just wants it to happen with “the one” (He really is a great guy).

When I went to see the Coen brothers new film, Hail, Caesar!  I had hopes it would be as inspiring as so many of their past films have been. One of my favorite movies by the duo is, Burn After Reading.



HailCaesar, is a film about the film industry in the 1950’s. Josh Brolins character would be what we consider a “public relations person”. He makes sure that secrets remain secret and that the show goes on (a “fixer” if you will). George Clooney plays, Caeser in the film within the film. SPOILER ALERT! He is kidnapped, by disgruntled film writers who happen to be communists. There are also other stories that revolve around the central conflict (like most Coen Brother films).

giph for hail.gif


Unfortunately, the film is a disappointment. With such a heavy star-studded cast, you would think it would be amazing. Also, IT’S A FUCKING COEN BROTHERS FILM!!!

I mean:

  • No Country For Old Men
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Fargo

I mean, who takes Channing Tatum serious? Really?



The best part of the entire film was the interaction between new comer, Alden Ehrenreich and Ralph Fiennes ( Voldemort, for all of you millennials).  Ehrenriech was the most memorable and probably the next star on the rise. It doesn’t hurt that he’s nice to look at also. (Yes, I googled him in the movie theatre; don’t judge me).



The film did have some funny moments, but not enough to keep the viewer entertained for the entire 100 minutes. There were underlying themes and symbolism that was revealed in typical Coen Brothers fashion. But I just wasn’t into it.

So, if you ask me if you should go see it. Yes

But, if you ask if the film inspired me? No, hell no.



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