B.A.D in Baltimore

An Interview with Baltimore-based filmmaker Benedict A. Dorsey by Diamond Pollard


Benedict A. Dorsey  is the bishop at New Light Church Ministry of St Luke 4:18-19. and he doesn’t like Christian films. He fears that they’ll be “preachy”, go figure. While the films he makes are immersed in Christian themes, Dorsey says he isn’t afraid to approach the bad, the ugly, and the gritty. With six feature films under his belt — three have yet to be released — this playwright, actor, and independent filmmaker defies what a stereotypical Christian movie looks like. I recently sat down with Dorsey at Johns Hopkins University to discuss his film-making career.

Q: How did you get your start in film? What made you decide to start making movies?

Q2: For the movies you’ve directed, you’re also the screenwriter. Does that make the process easier?

Q: I know you’re also involved with theatre. Do you have a preference between theatre and film?

Q: You are a pastor as well as a filmmaker. Do you ever feel pressured to make “Christian” films? And, what is your take on labeling films as such?

Q: What has been your favorite film that you have released so far?

Q: There’s so much controversy and discussion around diversity in Hollywood. How do you feel about it as a Black filmmaker?

Q: Being a Baltimore-native, what has it been like taking your films to various festivals outside of Baltimore?

Q: What has been the audience reception of your films?


Q: Can you talk about your upcoming projects? Is there any one in particular you’re looking forward to?


Benedict Dorsey is a playwright, screenwriter, and filmmaker, setting out to address social issues while redefining the meaning of “Christian” films.


Diamond Pollard is a Virginia native, currently residing in Baltimore. She is primarily a fiction writer.



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