Technically not from Baltimore, but working to recreate it

Stephen Babcock is the lead writer for Baltimore. Dan Adler had a chance to sit down with Stephen at One World Café to learn about Stephen’s career and thoughts on how technology is changing the Baltimore community.

Stephen Babcock can barely sit still. The young journalist has already written for publications in three states across the US, and now is the head writer for Baltimore. Although Babcock is new to the city, his publication is one of the few national organizations that shed a positive light on the local community. Reporting the growing startup culture, Babcock is a firm believer that promoting entrepreneurship and technology will lead to job creation and cut income inequality. The interview below details Babcock’s career as a journalist, and his thoughts on Baltimore’s future.

Dan Adler believes in magic, and by “magic” he means how a changing electric field creates a magnetic field, or how it’s possible to send a message to a small space probe farther from Earth than Pluto. He also likes many other cool things, and you should find them out by reading his personal blog here.


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