Carma is a real person?

Carma’s Café is a beloved hole-in-the-wall destination for any Charles Village local or Baltimore visitor. However, few know the history behind the café and the woman that made it all happen, Carma. She began her cooking career as an artist. Growing up in a rather large family, she was taught early on that food isn’t just about taste, it’s also about love. Now a Baltimorean, Carma has successfully instilled these values into the tiny cafe that we all know and love.This edited audio clip provides an expose on Carma, her dreams for the café, and how she made them happen. Listen to the clip below to hear more about her story.

Nehal Aggarwal is a voracious coffee drinker from NYC always on the lookout for the next adventure. She can frequently be found in any coffee shop or eating tomato soup and grilled cheese at Carma’s Cafe. 




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