A Narrative of Hypocrisy

Mary Kate Turner sits down with Baltimore artist Jeffrey Kent

I always thought of Red Emma’s as a place where wannabe hipster students go hang out for free wi-fi and good coffee; but when Baltimore-based artist Jeffrey Kent brought me there to record our interview, I realized I had underestimated its authenticity. The amount of people he recognized and greeted over the course of the next hour was telling – not just of the “anarchist bookshop,” but also of Kent himself, who prides himself on remembering every person he’s ever worked with (myself included).

Known for his politically-charged paintings and his backwards letters, Kent founded the legendary SubBasement Studios, which sadly closed last year. He also co-owns Unexpected Art & Décor, is a featured artist at Galerie Myrtis, and is a part of Art in Embassies. Having worked with him two summers ago when Unexpected was in its early stages, I was excited to sit down and catch up with my former boss about his new work, his creative process, and his goals as a Baltimorean artist. He has described his art as having a “narrative” quality, which he summed up into one word for me: hypocrisy.

For more information about Kent, visit http://www.jeffreykentart.com/ or http://galeriemyrtis.net/.



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