The Early Bird Catches the Doughnut

A Video Review of B Doughnut by Katie Robinson and Tessa Wiseman

Hampden is known as a haven for the unusual and the unique, from the plentiful antiques shops to a strip of restaurants with cuisines ranging from Greek to modern American and just about everything in between. This past fall, a new food sensation came to town, attracting enough customers to form a line out the door every weekend. B Doughnut is that sensation. They hand craft their doughnuts in the wee hours of the morning and often sell out as early as 10 AM. We were lucky enough to get there while they still had a few left, discovering that this fried food frenzy is well worth the hype.

B Doughnut from BRINE on Vimeo.

Katie Robinson is a writer and food-lover originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia who considers herself to have many homes in many places. She currently resides in Baltimore.

Tessa Wiseman is a Baltimore-based writer from the Sunshine State.



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