Unfinished Business

Dan Adler interviewing Alex Fox of Church & Company.

Church & Company is not your average venue.  Part-owner Alex Fox bought the Hampden space about five years back when it was advertised on Craigslist as a “New York style loft”.  Turns out the space was not fitting for an apartment, unless you’re okay to live in an unfinished church designed by George Frederick, the same architect who designed Baltimore City Hall.  So what does a MICA student with business partner Joey Rubolotta do?  Rebuild the entire place, and make it into an apartment/venue that has hosted plays, orchestras, weddings and more.  In addition, Alex is working with the Hampden community to redesign other structures in the Falls Road area.   I got to sit down with Alex in his 37th street church, and with cars rolling by and carrying through the church’s cracked walls, I was given a small picture of where the building has come from, and where it’s going in the near future.

Photos of Church & Company:


Dan Adler is supposed to be an adult, but hasn’t quite gotten their yet.  He is constantly amazed at the world around him, and you can check out more of this amazement on his own blog: dadler.co/engineering-beauty.



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