Brine is a Johns Hopkins University and Maryland Institute College of Art student run arts and culture blog based in Baltimore. This publication was founded through a Mellon Arts Innovation Grant and a partnership with BmoreArt.

Brine contributors:
Nehal Aggarwal, Phallon Beckhem. Garrett Cleary, Aidan Crank, John Durovsik, Katie Ewles,Renato Flores, Chaney Giordano, Si Lee, Alex Oemke, Diamond Pollard, Katie Robinson, Alex Rubin, Jesse Schuman, Mary Turner, Tessa Wiseman, Lydia Youngman, Nina Lerner, Daniel Adler.

Former contributors:
Alexandra Barbera, Daniel Contaldo, Dylan Hans, Malka Herman, Evelyn Feeney, Ingrid Ma, Sophie Mancini, Emily Menken, Ben Pierce, Maddy Scharff, Elizabeth Sherwood, Cole Spivak, Madeline Wheeler, and Julianne Wilson.

Brine Senior Editors are Cara Ober and Jack Livingston of BmoreArt.


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