Dan bio picDan Adler likes coffee amongst many other things, but might be more interested in its cooling rate than its taste. An engineer by training, Dan has expanded his interests to a wide range of fields including web design, public health, and even pizza making. Scientist by day and blogger by night, Dan is not the geek Brine Blog deserves, but the one it has right now.


Nehal bio picNehal Aggarwal is a contributing writer from New York City currently based in Baltimore. She is an avid reader and writer, food enthusiast, and is interested in music, Netflix, travel, culture, art, and coffee. She can usually be found sipping on a Chai Tea Latte and people watching from her living room window seat.


phallon bio picPhallon J. Beckham is a writer, filmmaker, and culture connoisseur from Baltimore. She is the founder of a film works company, 1800CREATIVE Filmworks.


Garrett bio picGarret Cleary is an Irish man born and raised in Madrid, Spain.  He came to America in 2010 to study at Johns Hopkins University.  Yet in 2012, due to financial reasons, he had to put his studies on hold.  Luckily, he got a job through his passion of producing CGI videos.  Three years later, he returned to finish his studies.  You can check out some of his work on Vimeo and YouTube by searching GRTCLRY.  He is also an avid language learner who is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Mandarin.


Aidan bio picAidan Crank hails from the Appalachian mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. A neuroscientist by day, he moonlights as a vigilante, filmmaker, carpenter, and a deli slicer among other things. He hopes to combine his interests as an aspiring data scientist who also moonlights as a vigilante. His published writings include a invigorating paper on the detailed inner workings of the rat brain.



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John Durovsik is a writer with interests in modern and contemporary art as well as the development of museology in the Gulf. John is interested in ceramics, sculpture, and photography.


Katie bio picKatie Ewles is a composer, vocalist, pianist, visual artist, journalist, and chocolate-enthusiast currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. Katie is from the tropical islands of Bermuda, where she is well-known for her extensive and diverse skill-set, and has become known as one of the most promising local artists of her generation. In Baltimore, Katie is very active in the arts scene, with a particular interest in painting, jazz, film and dance music. Katie also likes Star Wars, funk music, rum and sleeping.


Renato bio picRenato J. Flores III is a Baltimore-based filmmaker and musician who hails from Houston, TX. His main focuses are nightlife, film, and social justice. He’s previously worked for HBO Documentary Films and Blowback Productions.


Chaney bio picChaney Giordano originally hails from rural South Jersey and, though not a city girl, is loving exploring Baltimore. She has a passion for wildlife and wild places, and hopes to someday use her writing skills to advocate for conservation. For the time being, she is interested in seeing how nature, arts, and culture collide. In her spare time, she can be found hiking, running away to the beach, petting strangers’ dogs, and watching The Office.


Si bio picSi Yeon Lee is a fiction writer and journalist from Toronto, ON, whose work has been published in the Baltimore City Paper and J-Golf. When she’s not senselessly hating on LeBron James or reminiscing about when Kanye West used to be cool, she’s concerned with the history and lives of Asian-Americans and the rights of trans and non-binary people. And no, she doesn’t watch RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Nina bio picNina Lerner is a writer, filmmaker, New Yorker, dog lover and chronic disappointment to her parents. She writes for the JHU-based comedy newspaper The Black and Blue Jay and once had a glamorous, unpaid summer internship for a talent agency in NYC. She loves the theater, horrible sports teams and Paul McCartney. Her parents are actually very proud of her.

oehmkea_BmoreArt_headshotAlexandra Oehmkea is a Baltimore based artist and writer. Originally from Michigan, she moved to baltimore to study at Maryland Institute College of Art. Her work has been shown throughout the country, including in New York, Miami, and Houston. Apart from making work and writing, Alexandra is an arts advocate interested in creating and maintaining platforms for art.



diamond bio picDiamond Pollard is a Virginia native, proudly hailing from the city of Lynchburg . She is a fiction writer and loves film, television, and theatre, spending much of her time reading about her favorites in each of these mediums.  As a Christian and a writer, she is particularly interested in the intersection of art, faith, and social justice.


my bio picKatie Robinson is a writer and food-lover from the suburbs of Philadelphia who considers herself to have many homes in many places. The youngest of four travel-hungry siblings, she loves to explore the world and is never fully satisfied when she’s sitting still for too long. When she isn’t writing, you can probably find her obsessively searching for new food and/or coffee related adventures to go on, watching an unhealthy amount Food Network, or continuing her quest to follow as many cute animal Instagrams as humanly possible.


Alexander bio picAlexander Rubin lives in the suburbs and loves in the city– Baltimore city. He is a writer, filmmaker, & music composer.


Jesse bio picJesse Shuman hails from New York, an excellent state with an increasing number of natural disasters. He is the editor of a student-run online magazine, Vector, which features anything that can fit on a website. While he considers himself foremost a poet, he often writes (complains) about art, music, and travel.

397522_10203406266936888_1668422331_nMary Kate Turner is a Florida native who is loving being a twentysomething in Baltimore. A writer, occasional crafter, and polka dot enthusiast, some of her goals in life include traveling to Australia and learning how to cook. She enjoys dirty realism and currently has a Pandora account with over fifty stations.


Laura bio picLaura Walker is a born and raised Marylander. She is a lighthearted writer, avid reader, sushi snob, and fashion lover. Laura is always up for an adventure and is a firm believer that the book is always better than the movie. When she’s not writing, you can find her either attempting hot yoga or eating chocolate.


tessa bio photoTessa Wiseman is a Baltimore based writer who was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Tessa’s passions include reading good books by big windows, discussing current events between bites of delicious food, and listening to people’s life stories – friends and strangers alike. Tessa loves covering stories pertaining to social justice, but has covered a wide range of topics as a reporter for the NPR affiliate in Tampa. Tessa’s lesser known talents include rapping and matchmaking.


Lydia YoungmanLydia Youngman is a writer from Albany, New York. The facts: Irish dancer. Loves working with little kids. Terrible with directions. Fears spiders like Ron Weasley, unless someone else in the room is fears spiders more, then yes, fine she will kill the spider.





Former Contributors



Alex Barbera is an BRINE Picavid reader, writer, traveler, eater and movie watcher from New York. She contributes to BRINE, BmoreArt, JHU’s News-Letter and more. She also composes fiction and poetry, and is known to make a mean guacamole and lemon squares. Her idols of imagination include, but certainly are not limited to, Jane Austen, Tim O’Brien, Martin Scorsese, Led Zeppelin and the Barefoot Contessa.

Daniel Contaldo is BioPicDaniela freelance filmmaker currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. He was born and raised in the countryside right outside of Florence, Italy. In the spring of 2014, he worked as a post-production assistant for the feature-length documentary The Good Breast (dir. Bernadette Wegenstein, 2014) on the topic of breast cancer patients and practices. In March 2014, he received funding from the Johns Hopkins University to produce Taste of Justice, a 26-minute documentary on volunteer camps in lands confiscated from the mafia in Italy. In the fall of 2014, he studied film production at FAMU (Film Academy of the Performing Arts) in Prague, Czech Republic, where he completed 10:10, a short narrative film on 35mm. The film screened at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and the Toronto LGBT Film Festival in April 2015. Daniel is interested in creating fiction and non-fiction films alike, as well as compelling online content and music videos.

Dylan Hans iDylan Hans bio pics a contributing writer from New York City. He is a recent graduate of the Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Film and Media Studies. He currently covers film and theater reviews along with writing freelance sports columns. He is a collaborative writer and is always looking to work with new minds.

Malka H10390065_10202466735934593_1969962527109449874_n-1erman is a Baltimore based writer with an unhealthy interest in music, theatre and art that makes her uncomfortable. Besides writing for Brine Blog, she is the nonfiction editor for an online literary journal called The Legendary. She will be graduating from the Johns Hopkins University in 2015 with a degree in Writing Seminars and Political Science. Whenever asked what she will do with these majors, her answer is always: “something exciting.”

IMG_2899 copyIngrid Ma is a sporadic filmmaker, habitual chalk artist, steadfast cacti fanatic, and hard-core snacker. On sunny days, Ingrid enjoys riding around on her razor scooter, Scottie, and on cloudy days, she still enjoys riding around on her razor scooter, Scottie. Ingrid will be graduating soon (!) from the Johns Hopkins University with a double-major in Film and Media Studies and Biology.

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Sophie Mancini is a New York-based writer of the art world, fiction, and poetry. She’s an enthusiast of motivational interviewing, minimalist literature and modern art. A current Writing Seminars major and Psychology and Spanish double-minor, she is very excited to be studying in Seville next year and hopes that her travels will be full of tapas y aventuras.

IMG_9358(1)Emily Menken is a Film and Media Studies and Writing Seminars student who loves to travel – her bio photo is in the back of a rickety streetcar in New Orleans. She aspires to be a food and travel writer and considers Anthony Bourdain to be her professional inspiration. She enjoys the company of her scruffy dogs, Oliver and Franklin, who live in an angled house in Bedford, New York. Her favorite drink is a gin fizz, but if you don’t add a currant, she’ll deem you unknowing. You can locate her losing and finding her sunglasses in various places in Baltimore, although you’ll have to catch her in Los Angeles this summer as she works for Omelet.


Benjamin Pierce lives in Baltimore and is part of the generation that doesn’t say “Bless you” when you sneeze.


Maddie Scharff is a native Memphian but has a love/hate relationship with the South. Her uncle bought her a jar of pickles for her 10th birthday and has been a pickle addict ever since. She always writes poetry whilst sitting or lying on the ground and has a difficult time following gossip.

E Sherwood avatar resized 600Elizabeth Sherwood is a Baltimore-based writer and exuberant pursuer of adventure and travel. A native New Yorker, she loves writing about theatre, literature, visual art, sports, and comedy. She will graduate in 2015 from the Johns Hopkins University with a BA in Writing Seminars and a minor in Classics.


Madeline Wheeler

Madeline Wheeler is a writer, gourmand, and occasional watercolor painter from San Francisco, California. When she isn’t writing about art, she writes about interior design, crafts poems, or doodles aimlessly. In May 2015, Madeline will graduate from the Johns Hopkins University with a BA in Writing Seminars. She tweets, albeit infrequently, about articles she admires or thoughts she finds amusing, and can be found at @madelinegrayw.

1175372_10201077519595155_904095433_nJulianne Wilson is a writer and reformed vegetarian from the tiny little beaches of Rowayton, CT. When she is not busy studying at the Johns Hopkins University, you can find her daydreaming, playing guitar, and trolling the depths of the Internet for new music. Julianne’s dream is to visit every continent at least once (even Antarctica!) and hopes to one day live on a house boat in Amsterdam.


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